The world and the enemy of our souls wants us distracted.

Shiny objects and time-wasters everywhere…

This is so much bigger than a technology problem. This is how we “escape” what  we are ignoring, tolerating, or avoiding. Anything that offers this sedation, can create a mind numbing, hamster wheel through life in your body, marriage and big, God-given work.

It seems easier to remain an observer- only to feel more and more isolated.

Disconnection leads to isolation, isolation leads to uncertainty.

Soon, so uncertain that we don’t know how to even speak up- instead, the majority remain silent. 

Remain disconnected and silent and we lose relationships, values, profit, peace, justice, freedom, truth; the list is endless. 
But, because many hesitate out of uncertainty- nothing changes. 

Yet when we see with new eyes, we are aware of opportunities to transform our lives and the future generation of our children.

A simple Flip of the Switch can be exactly what we need to Turn it all On.

God hardwired us for connection.
Connected with Him, we can do ALL things.

We are meant to shine, and shine we will.

Plain and simple; The world seeks to take God out.
We’re bold enough to put Him back in and we would love to have you do it with us.

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